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Birth coaching – in english

If your are pregnant and looking for an individual birth coaching including birth positions, birthing breath, how to manage contractions and support your baby during all stages of giving birth, you can book me for a live Zoom/skype coaching. I will answer all your questions and if your partner is participating I will explain how you can be supported effectively. 

Birth coaching helps you to connect to your body and womb and to trust in the process of giving birth. It helps you to prevent birth injuries such as episiotomy and perineal tears. 

Being a fulltime yoga teacher since 1999 specialized in prenatal and postnatal yoga, I have been working as a birth coach for 19 years. I have prepared hundreds of pregnant women and couples to give birth naturally. I also teach yoga teacher trainings and trainings for midwifes all over Germany. I have my own yoga-studio in Berlin. 

For your personal appointment please go to and select your date for a personal live online appointment of birth coaching on Wednesdays 6 pm Berlin/European time. Please book at least 24 h before your appointment! If this time is not conveniant for you please write to and make your individual appointment. You can also book me for personal prenatal and postnatal yoga and pelvic floor training. 

Coachings and trainings are offered via zoom or skype at your choice. The cost is 80 € for 60 minutes. I am also working with a special effective pelvic floor training method called CANTIENICA®, which helps you to heal and become strong again after giving birth. If you suffer from rectal diastasis or incontinence after giving birth, give me a phone call, so we can make sure you get the right training and support. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions concerning the training or the booking process.

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